Smile 166: Ali H. Mesiwala, MD, FAANS

What makes Dr. Ali Mesiwala smile?

Photo Credit to Dr. Ali Mesiwala

“Making the impossible happen for my patients. Justin, a patient of mine, had a massive skull base tumor that involved his carotid artery in the neck and his occipitocervical junction. He was told by some very experienced surgeons that it was impossible to remove, and that radiation was all that could be offered. I performed a two-stage operation. 20 hours for part 1, removing the entire tumor from the head and neck and then performing part 2 a week later fusing his skull to the cervical spine. 16 years later he’s disease-free, neurologically normal, and has a family, leading a normal life. I smile every time I see him or his family.”

– Dr. Ali Mesiwala

Thank you, Dr. Ali Mesiwala, for contributing to Smiles of People!


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