Smile 161: Shalini Das

What makes Shalini smile?

Photo Credit to Shalini

Everything around me makes me smile. The sunshine, on my face each morning. The smell of rain. The different faces I see every day around me. The plants I grow. The work I do. The essence of life and the value of existence. Every breathes that I take to be who am I today. The love I have in my heart for someone special even when we are in different paths of life. So now when he calls or texts and his name show up on my phone screen. Old memories come back to me like a beautiful dream. The smell of new books. That freshly brewed coffee. The silence at night. Well, all of this makes me smile. Also, the fact that I have dimple’s A genetic abnormality that makes me smile even more.


Thank you, Shalini, for contributing to Smiles of People!


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