Smile 159: Nayantara Jeyaraj

What makes Nayantara smile?

Photo Credit to Nayantara Jeyaraj

Every single second, minute and hour that I breathe and walk reminds me that I am blessed and is the first and most crucial thing that makes me smile. Second, doing what I love rather than convincing myself to love what I do is what keeps my spirits up and puts a smile on my face and hope in my heart, 24/7. And third on my long list of moments that make me smile is knowing that I am constantly loved and having people to reciprocate that love to. A smile is more than an expression. It’s a part of our personality. Realizing how much we’re blessed to exist in the moment casts away all worries and fears and ultimately brightens our lives with a smile. And that is what has been my secret or moreover, the reality.

– Nayantara Jeyaraj

Thank you, Nayantara, for contributing to Smiles of People!


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