Smile 141: Alaa

People will say, “have faith,” but what does it actually mean? Often times in life we become confused or disappointed about how things play themselves out. The fact of the matter is that this is life. Pushing for something that seems like the perfect plan may not be the best plan. Sometimes it’s best to not stress when things don’t go your way. Sometimes it is best to not overthink about the future. And sometimes it’s best to not obsess over the things that didn’t happen. Instead, it’s best that we all must have tawakul, faith. Tawakul invites in optimism. Tawakul is believing in the fact that things will work out for the better. Tawakul is believing in the unseen; believing in the bigger future; believing in a better future.

– Alaa
Photo Credit to Alaa

Thank you, Alaa, for contributing to Smiles of People!


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