Smile 126: Tina

What makes Tina smile?

What makes me smile..
Is to motivate people to do things they didn’t think was possible.

To inspire people and give them drive to aim higher and work towards their goals.

To educate people and put them in charge of their health, and be a part of preventing a variety of symptoms/diseases.

To achieve something I’ve been working hard for.

To make a difference/positive impact in someone’s life.

When someone understands and likes my jokes, and answers accordingly.

To know that someone is truly there for me, and that I’m there for them too.

To take time for self care and my own health.

To move my body and be grateful for what I have been given.

Gratitude, health, love.

Photo Credit to Tina

Thank you, Tina, for contributing to Smiles of People!


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