Smile 60: Dr. Jaii


Name: Jennaire L. (Dr. Jaii)

State: IL

Occupation: 4th year student physician

What is your educational background?

I obtained my Bachelors of Health Science (Hons) at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, back home in Canada, and currently undertaking my medical education in Illinois with the intent of becoming an Interventional Cardiologist.

Why did you choose this career?

I love to learn and I love to help. As a child I just had an innate interest in the heart, this initial interest in the heart’s anatomy, function and importance to the holistic nature of the body captivated me. Medicine grants me the opportunity not only to reinforce my innate interest but more so allows me attest to my fundamental yearning to help. Being able to have the privilege of a patients trust, the honor of applying my interest and knowledge to their care procures an overwhelming sense of appreciation and joy in knowing that I am able to have a genuine and positive impact for those that need it most.

What do you like most about your career, and the least?

What I like most is that medicine provides me with the standpoint that allows me to touch lives, even in the most minimalistic ways. From assisting in a procedure, to just giving advice about how to better ones health and well-being, seeing a patient simply happy for my input and leaving feeling better than they came is rewarding. Being able to impact others by imparting hope, renewing their energy and vigor for life, showing them how to maximize their quality and quantity of life means the world!

My least favorite aspects definitely includes the exhaustion of long hours, sacrificing much of my time with loved ones and missing out on many typical life/social experiences from earlier years such as traveling. Despite it all though, it is all worth it!

What advice would you wish someone would have shared with you before entering your career?

Don’t be afraid to take a break! With the pressure of wanting to achieve the best, I was one that would plough through courses, would miss out on events and opportunities in order to study, believing that a second away from the books would be counter productive. However, being this focused at all times becomes taxing, you end up retaining less and become more stressed! Breaks are necessary, they allow our minds to recuperate from the information overload and we can then subsequently better assimilate all the material coming our way.

Do you have any tips or advice for people considering this field for their profession?

Medicine is a life choice, it’s more than a career, as it spans far beyond just the hospital or clinic. It requires much dedication, genuine passion, and a true love for people, and it holds a heavy time demand, just be sure about your intent behind pursuing it! When times are tough use your passion to get you through!

For those already in medical school or beyond, remember the importance of balance! Medical school and your career is a focal point, because your dedication and work ethic now will apply itself to your passion and will make you a great doctor. However, do your earnest to enjoy the cherished aspects of life, like family time, or embracing your hobbies. Continue to hold onto that genuine love for people, and remember your initial intrigue and love for the profession. Remember that patients are people first, individuals with families, not procedures or statistics! Through out medicine, with the high stakes, pressure to do the best, profound responsibility, innumerable exams, and many hurdles, there are tough times, but hold true to your confidence and continue to believe in your eventual success! Be open to criticism, and don’t fear innovation, we all still have a lot to learn, and medicine is always changing and advancing!

How did you manage your stress and workload during school?

My favorite thing to do is to delve into my hobbies, namely sketching. I produce anatomical sketches of various organ systems, surgical instruments and a variety of other images as well. Sketching anatomical art relieves a lot of stress as my focus on the images allows me to zone out of everything around me but also still keeps me within the realm of medicine so I still feel productive, as I reinforce my knowledge by drawing and labeling the components to the organ.

Name one of your favorite experiences during your time of studying/working:

One of my favorite experiences was during my second year of medical school. I co-founded the Alpha Tau Phi Chi medical fraternity. I was able to assist in leading a community health fair along with my colleagues that allowed for free health screening for hundreds of people in a matter of hours. Being able to see the direct impact, seeing the need for help among those that requiring it most but being able to have an immediate effect on so many lives all at once is just one of my favorite moments.

What are some helpful materials/resources you used to study and prepare for your board or licensing exams?

I’ve used various means of study resources, namely First Aid, Pathoma, UWorld, USMLE Step 1 secrets for Step 1, Bates Physical exam videos, First Aid CS for Step 2 CS, and Step Up to Medicine, First Aid, OnlineMedEd, Anki and UWorld for Step 2 CK.

Discuss one challenge you faced during your studies or work. How did you overcome it?

I think a challenge faced by many that I myself faced was getting over the hurdle of licensing exams. Studying becomes exhausting and daunting especially when combined with numerous clinical rotations that take up an entire work day. Keeping the motivation and renewing my energy was a challenge, however relying on the support of family and close friends to push me, reaffirm my stance, and encourage me definitely helped. Many of us believe that we must do it all on our own, but don’t forget the value of having your trusted loved ones in your corner and don’t be weary of seeking their advice!

What do you use for your everyday oral hygiene routine?

Toothbrush: Colgate

Tooth paste: Colgate

Floss: Exact

Mouth Rinse: Listerine


What makes you smile?

I tend to be a joyful person that looks for the best in everything around me so many make me smile! However one of the biggest things that brings about my smile is having a platform that is able to reach others! Whether through social media or via my role in the hospital, being able to impact many lives by communicating messages of motivation, hope and reassurance to patients, colleagues and people alike, knowing that my words resonate well with them brings me the greatest joy!

Anything else you’d like to share?

Thank you so much to Smiles of People for the opportunity share my insight and for being a source of positivity! This initiative is remarkable! Continue to bring about more smiles worldwide!


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