Smile 24: Dr. Daniel Sugai, MD, FAAD


What makes me smile?

Seeing my patients happy. I love seeing my teenage patients who finished “Accutane” come in saying that they have their self esteem back. I love seeing my patients with clear of psoriatic plaques and say that they can wear shorts again. I smile when my patient with eczema says she can sleep in peace again. I smile when my patients walk out of their full skin examination appointments with a clean bill of health.

During these dark unprecedented times, I find myself smiling when I see signs around town that say “We are all in this together.” Yesterday, I smiled when I saw a parade of cars with signs saying “We miss you” going through my neighborhood, with the drivers waving at everyone who were taking walks or runs. I smile when I see complete strangers waving to one another six feet apart in passing. I smile when I hear the cheers from Seattle for our healthcare workers in the evenings. I smile when my physician wife comes home safely after her shift at the hospital. I smile because I have hope in humanity. We will all smile together once we get through this.

– Dr. Daniel Sugai, MD, FAAD

Picture_20200123_011411535.jpgPhoto Credited to @jonahmoose & Dr. Daniel Sugai, MD, FAAD.

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