Smile 22: Dr. Rob

Name: Dr. Rob

State or Country: California

School: Loma Linda university School of Dentistry

Occupation: Dentist

What is your educational background? Public Health and Dentistry

Why did you choose this career?

Dentistry has been my passion since I was in junior high. After shadowing a dentist, I knew this was my career. For me, I love helping people, but most importantly putting a smile on their face. I don’t consider my job as work. I am blessed to be in a career where my passion and my career lined up.


What do you like the most about your career, and the least?

The most rewarding thing about my career is making an impact on someone’s life. Having healthy teeth is so vital not only to function and eat – but also for people’s self esteem. Giving my patients a smile is the best thing I can do. It can literally change their life upside down. The least favorite thing about my career is dealing with insurance companies. They dictate a lot about treatment for my patients.

What advice do you wish someone would have shared with you before entering your career?

Dentistry is a very rewarding job but can be very mentally, emotionally and physically demanding. Because of this, I make sure that my mind, soul and body are healthy. By working out, spending time out in nature, and cultivating important relationships with friends are some of the ways for me to let go of that tension. A healthy lifestyle is necessary for this line of work.

Do you have any tips or advice for people considering this field for their profession?

Do it, if you are willing to sacrifice a lot. Dental school costs a lot of money. Don’t do this field if you are not fully committed to it. You really have to love it or it can burn you out. My advice: shadow a ton of dentists and even get your hands dirty. Shadow daily so that you can get a feel as to how it is working all day in dentistry.

How did you manage your stress and workload during school?

I worked out a lot. Fitness was a way for me to channel my stress. Also eating good food :). I work out hard to eat food.

Name one of your favorite experiences during your time studying or working?

Working with my dental school patients and learning from all the specialists. My philosophy in dental school was, “I’m paying a lot of money for dental school, so I should take advantage of it and learn as much as I can.”. I took on difficult cases and worked with various specialists to learn their tips and tricks.

What are some helpful materials/resources you used to study and prepare for your board or license exams?

Dental Board Mastery app for NBDE I

Mosby’s NBDE II book

Discuss one challenge you faced during your studies or work. How did you overcome it?

I actually failed multiple classes in dental school. It was probably the most challenging time. I was going through a lot personally as well. I really overcame it with the help of my incredible faculty and staff members at my school. They really became my family and took me under their wing. They took the time to listen to me and really help me grow as a person and as a professional.

What do you use for your everyday oral hygiene routine?

Toothbrush: SONICARE Diamond Clean

Toothpaste: Colgate Optic White

Floss: Coco floss

Mouth Rinse: Don’t really use mouthwash.

Others: bleaching trays

What makes you SMILE?

Seeing people be and live their authentic self. We live in a world where its easy to make things up and be someone else (ie. social media), but living your truth and living it is so inspiring.

Instagram: @thedentalelement

Photos in this post are credited to Dr. Rob


Thank you, Dr. Rob , for contributing to!


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