Smile 18: Dr. Francesco L.

Name: Dr. Francesco L.

01State or Country: USA


Undergrad: Drew University; Med School: Ross University

Occupation: Physician

What is your educational background?
Bachelor of arts in neuroscience and Doctor of Medicine

Why did you choose this career?
I’ve always wanted to be a physician since I
was young. I’ve had a large interest in science and working with people and medicine is a perfect combination of both.

What do you like the most about your career, and the least?
I like working with individuals and visibly seeing positive change in their overall life. I least like the hours I work and telling families that their loved ones are going to die.

What advice do you wish someone would have shared with you before entering your career?
Be more open with locations for medical schools and to not focus only on one part of the country. I also would have liked to have been a bit more prepared on the debt I would take on by the end.

Do you have any tips or advice for people considering this field for their profession?
Just make sure that this is exactly what you want to do. It’s a huge sacrifice going through medical school and completing residency. The amount of work is high, and you will miss family functions. You take on a lot of debt and spend a good portion of your life studying.

How did you manage your stress and workload during school?
I find a balance between work and relaxation. I refuse to do any work while at home and will stay at the hospital late if I have to in order to finish everything. I also make sure I balance my days with fun things to do, whether it is lounging at home watching TV or going out with friends.

Name one of your favorite experiences during your time studying or working?
My favorite experiences are connecting with patients and their families. These are people who I have just met and they place an incredible amount of trust in me. There is an intense bonding experience that happens, and seeing the trust they place in me is amazing.

Any tips or advice for new students working on the clinic floor?
Stay motivated and eager to learn. Do not lose that spark and try to avoid becoming jaded towards patient care. Remaining happy at work makes the long hours and stress worth it.

Name one of your favorite clinical rotations and why?
I like the ICU because it is fast paced and tests all parts of medicine. During these high stress situations you form a close bond with the patients and their families in order to provide the best care.

What are some helpful materials/resources you used to study and prepare for your board or license exams?

  • Uworld
  • First Aid books

Discuss one challenge you faced during your studies or work. How did you overcome it?
I switched medical specialties. I initially matched into neurology but discovered that this specialty was not the one for me. After a lot of conversations and contemplation, I realized that I wanted to switch to internal medicine. It was a risk, because I had to give up my residency spot to search for another one with an availability. I was lucky enough to successfully switch and am very glad that I did.

What do you use for your everyday oral hygiene routine?

Toothbrush: Colgate

Toothpaste: Coglate

Floss: Waterpik

Mouth Rinse: Target

What makes you smile and why?

Coming home to my fiancé, dog, and cats makes any tough day at work instantly easier.

Photos in this post are credited to Dr. Francesco L.

Thank you, Dr. Francesco L. , for contributing to!


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