Smile 14: Wil C.



Name: Wil C.

State or Country: Georgia, USA

School: Medical College of Georgia

Occupation: 2nd year medical student

What is your educational background?

I got my Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry from Kennesaw State University. I am currently studying in Medical School at the Medical College of Georgia.

Why did you choose this career?

I genuinely want to make a difference in the lives of many and be able to help those who are suffering. Being there for someone when they need it is such a great honor and privilege. The ability to help alleviate the pain that someone is going through is so rewarding. Medicine is an incredible combination of art, science, and humanity. You must think on your feet, know the science, and comfort those around you.

What do you like the most about your career, and the least?

I would say for me it is the impact you can make on other people. When someone is given a glimmer of hope when they felt their life was falling apart or when they thank you for caring for them is what brings me joy about medicine. As for what I think I enjoy the least, it might be the amount of sacrifice that is made. We must sacrifice hanging out with friends and family and having a normal social life to be a medical student. It took some time to get used to but I enjoy the process now. Although it still can definitely be really overwhelming at times.

What advice do you wish someone would have shared with you before entering your career?

Don’t worry about what others are doing or what you are missing out on. Instead focus on why you want to go to medical school. Remind yourself that you are doing something really important that will add value to many people’s lives. Just focus on what you came here to do, being the best doctor you can.

Do you have any tips or advice for people considering this field for their profession?

Just to make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into. Medicine is an incredible field to enter and has lots to offer but also has many aspects that are not as desirable. Do your research and figure out if its right for you.

How did you manage your stress and workload during school?

For me I manage my stress by going to the gym and embracing my studying. I feel more stressed if I’m not doing something I need to be, so I am less stressed actually when I am getting my work done. If I mess around too much I start to feel stressed that I should be studying. Going to the gym helps me to feel energized and be more productive during the rest of the day.

Name one of your favorite experiences during your time studying or working?

I think some of my favorite experiences as a medical student come from when I am volunteering. I volunteer often with Salvation Army and I find it really rewarding to meet those there and help provide a medical screening for them.

What are some helpful materials/resources you used to study and prepare for your board or license exams? 

I have purchased almost all of the resources used to study for my license exam! I think I find that AMBOSS, Sketchy, Pathoma, and the First Aid book are most helpful to me. And of course Anki! What kind of medical student would I be without using that?

Discuss one challenge you faced during your studies or work. How did you overcome it?

Getting distracted has been an issue I have faced during my studies. I found that I would either get distracted or fall asleep after studying for too long in my room. My solution that has worked wonders for me is finding the right study spot that I associate with getting work/study done.

What do you use for your everyday oral hygiene routine? 

Toothbrush: Colgate toothbrush

Toothpaste: Crest

Floss: I use the disposable flosses from Publix

Mouth Rinse: Topcare mouth wash


What makes you smile and why?

There are many things that make me smile, and it is often the simple things in life that do. I smile simply because I am alive and I have the opportunities to pursue my dreams. When a smile comes from deep inside of you that is the most beautiful smile you can share.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Just want to thank Smiles of People for this opportunity to share with everyone reading this. This is such a good idea. Let us all appreciate the gift of life and share a smile with someone today!

Instagram: @medstudentwil


Photos in this post are credited to Wil C.

Thank you, Wil C., for contributing to!


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